The Atlantis Destiny

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

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It's all about CybrQBits, the new Atlantean currency.


But first, a little bit of history...

After first appearing around 500 000 years ago, Atlantis reached its prime 12 000 to 15 000 years ago, starting out as a very philosophical, artistic and scholarly continent, gradually progressing into becoming much more scientific, technocratic and highly commercialized. Atlanteans were divided into various degrees of wealth and made extensive use of pyramids, columns and arches in their constructions as later used by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans respectively.

It is believed that Atlanteans had computers capable of making judgements based on reasoning. They used crystals to focus energies, atomic power and other radioactive forces. They had nuclear-powered flying vehicles, knew how to harness the energy of the universe and use it in every aspect of their lives from lighting their homes to traveling into deep space according to some accounts. In fact, they are believed to be a colony of extra-terrestrials possibly coming from the Lyrian or the Andromeda star systems.

Atlanteans were highly competitive and, reportedly, destroyed themselves as a result of their knowledge of atomic energy and nuclear physics. The continent was apparently swept away under water due to experiments with electromagnetic energy, which combined with gravity, a polar tilt and planetary shift caused cracks in the surface of the Earth.

Ever wondered what the Atlantis continent would be like today if it still existed? What the cities on it would be like, and the people inhabiting them from the past, the present and the future? This is the journey you will be taking with us in the Office Towers world. A journey that will transcend time and space, introducing you to a new kind of human race; a bold new society with virtues that were long lost in the abyss of time.

In 360 BC, the Greek philosopher Plato first described Atlantis in his Timaeus and Critias dialogues. The dialogues are conversations between Socrates, Hermocrates, Timeaus, and Critias. Apparently in response to a prior talk by Socrates about ideal societies, Timeaus and Critias agreed to entertain Socrates with a narrative that is "not a fiction but a true story."

A story about the conflict between the ancient Athenians and the Atlanteans 9000 years before Plato's time, the story of Atlantis was conveyed to Solon by Egyptian priests. Solon passed the tale to Dropides, the great-grandfather of Critias. Critias learned of it from his grandfather also named Critias, son of Dropides. Next are excerpts from a conversation in which Critias was speaking to Socrates.

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